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Logo Designing


Graphics are an integral and omnipresent part of your brand - be it in the form of social media content, menus or even event invitations - they have to be attractive and informative to draw good engagement from your consumers. Creating such graphics is my passion that has manifested itself into my platform.

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Social Media

Naagin is India's first hot sauce company. The brand's social media has always been quirky and fun. While working there, we designed social media grids, taking inspiration from Bollywood and Hollywood movies and replacing iconic movie dialogues with the word Naagin. We also created recipes that had Naagin as the hero ingredient.


Menu Design

What is the only thing as satisfying as delicious food? A menu that effectively communicates exactly how delicious it is! A good menu design, one that is aesthetically pleasing and coherent, can literally lead to a rise in the business’ revenue.




For an event to be successful - be it a casual house party or a large corporate event - a crowd is needed. A sureshot way to ensure that crowd comes? A unique invitation, one that stays imprinted in the mind of the receiver even after the event is done. As someone who loves hosting and organizing events, there are few things I enjoy more than creating fresh invites. 

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