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Logo Designing


A visual identity is the essence of the brand - its about the logo, the package design, the typography, the colour palettes - among other aspects. Branding exercises help the brand to connect with their audience and help to create the brand’s perspective in the market.




Why is a logo important? Once a logo catches your eye, it is immediately registered in your head and you can relate to the brand. It helps create an impressive visual effect, one that signifies the bond between your brand and your audience.



One of the most effective marketing tactics is subliminal messages to your customer. A simple but unique way to achieve this is personalized stationery - something that is functional while reminding the customer about you. They also make great gifts for your customers and loved ones alike!




My rebranding for Biotique Skin Care involved the creation of fresh packaging - one that is minimalistic and modern. I achieved this with the help of embossing and metallics. A brand’s packaging is its identity and again a very effective marketing tool for the brand. Embossed logos for example have a greater impact on the minds of customers, especially the younger generation. Click below to see the Visuals!


Company Profile/ Brochure

A company profile for a brand is like an elevator pitch for a start-up - it introduces the brand to a potential customer and communicates what the brand is about. Mehta & Sons is a Mumbai-based luxury jewellery house, The company profile I created for them effectively introduce Mehta & Sons to their customers by displaying the brand's legacy, vision, strengths and collaborations. Want to know more? Click below!

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